New Investment: Wade & Wendy

NY-based Wade & Wendy has announced $4m in seed funding from Indicator Ventures, Slack, Randstad, FFVC, Converge, and a number of other strategic investors.

Wade and Wendy, is building a talent recruiting platform for both candidates and companies that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline and efficiently manage the hiring process, all while capturing valuable data.

Wade is an artificially intelligent career assistant serving as an always on resource that supports an individual throughout their job search and career. Wendy is an artificially intelligent recruiting assistant, leveraging rich data that cross-references with a company’s organizational chart in order to identify the best possible candidates. Additionally, Wendy is trained as a team member, handling or assisting in the many roles and responsibilities of a hiring manager. Since there is no user interface and all data and analysis is done on the backend, the platform fits seamlessly into the users’ normal conversational workflow, such as Gmail and Slack.

Armed with an incredibly talented team and strategic investments from Slack’s Investment Fund and Randstad, the world’s second-largest HR service provider, Wade and Wendy is poised to bring much-needed efficiency to the recruiting industry.

Click here to learn more about Wade and Wendy’s mission from CEO, Drew Austin.