News Corp Demo Day

In late September, Indicator Ventures held its second annual Demo Day in partnership with News Corp. The event was an extension of the relationship built with News Corp and is a prime example of the value generated through our corporate partnerships program.

Held at News Corp’s NYC headquarters, the event included presentations from the founders of five companies, and was attended by over 30 directors and executives from News Corp as well as many of its business units including Dow JonesHarper Collins, and News America Marketing.

Indicator Ventures hand-selected startups building innovative technologies and platforms that have direct applications specific to News Corp business units. Emphasis was placed on digital technologies with the potential to drive efficiencies and new business opportunities across the News Corp ecosystem with a particular focus on Messaging, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation.

Founders showcased their industry knowledge and insights, and spoke about how their companies are providing unique value to their relevant industries. The presentations fostered interactive and thought provoking discussions with the audience. Amanda Greenfield, News Corp’s Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, noted that “it was both educational and inspiring to see founders showcase their companies and talk about the myriad applications relevant to News Corp. We are excited to explore the ideas and opportunities spurred by these presentations.”

We couldn’t be more proud of our founders for the products, services and platforms they have built. Moreover, we are pleased to see our partnership with News Corp continue to flourish in tandem with the growth we are witnessing across the broader Venture Capital ecosystem and within large corporations looking to drive efficiencies through ongoing adoption of emerging technologies. 


Featured Companies: Artificial Intelligence for conversational commerce

Speaker: Puneet Mehta – CEO and Founder

Sector: Messaging, Artificial Intelligence

Relevancy: Mobile messaging is exploding. It’s rapidly becoming the number one communication platform of choice for consumers around the world. In fact, 6 out of the top 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps, with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger leading the way (combined 1.5b users). will be discussing how you should be thinking about personalized conversations with your customers across various messaging apps and how AI can be leveraged to automate at scale.


Quaero: Quaero provides customers with a turnkey automated solution that manages and analyzes audience data to identify pattern behavior and maximize digital advertising revenue.

Speaker: Naras Eechambadi– CEO and President

Sector: Data Management, Automation

Relevancy: With consumers spending increasingly more time across various formats and devices throughout the digital ecosystem granular understanding of the consumer journey is a must. Better understanding of first and third party data enables better targeting, more efficient operations, better campaign results and the opportunity to significantly increase revenues.


Lob: Lob offers a suite of APIs for the enterprise that automates and optimizes direct mail at scale. Lob’s technology generates customized pieces, distributes them based on custom triggers, helps A/B test different variants, and tracks mail as it’s delivered.

Speaker: Harry Zang – Co-founder

Sector: Direct Mail, Automation

Relevancy: Direct mail has one of the highest levels of ROI but the distribution and analytics are antiquated. From customizing recipient fields to running A/B tests on geo-targeted campaigns, there are a number of steps that can be taken to optimize campaign results. Sending physical mail should be as easy as sending email and should have the same level of control, tracking and analytics.


Islands:  Islands is a mobile first messaging platform that helps communities to gather, communicate and mange themselves in a modern way.

Speaker: Greg Isenberg – CEO & Founder

Sector: Messaging

Relevancy: There is a fundamental shift happening right now around real time messaging. As one of the largest media companies in the world, NewsCorp should be prepared to understand, adopt and capitalize on the high growth messaging sector.


Wade and Wendy: Wade & Wendy is using Artificial Intelligence to make hiring human. Wade and Wendy is developing AI personalities that grow real relationships and facilitate true understanding through chat, wherever you are. Wade works for job seekers and Wendy works for internal recruiting teams.

Speaker: Drew Austin – CEO & Co-Founder

Sector: HR, Artificial Intelligence

Relevancy: As one of the leaders in enterprise AI, Wade and Wendy will discuss how companies should be thinking about and using Artificial Intelligence within a corporate environment. How can AI make internal business processes, including the hiring process, much more efficient?