VP Spotlight Aditya Pandyaram

Aditya is a machine. He’s dedicated to doing more and it shows. Whether it’s a cross fit workout, a complex product road map or a non-profit for students in need, Aditya is non-stop making things happen. This is just one of the reasons we are lucky to have Aditya as a Venture Partner at Indicator Ventures. Currently he’s the head of Product at Troops, making a whole lot happen.

As the head of product at Troops Aditya runs all things product, design and data. He was their first hire and is an integral part of their executive team. He’s also been an integral part of their fundraising efforts, and having raised ~$10MM in just 18 months between their Seed and Series A round of financing, clearly he’s having a massive impact.

With a mission to make software more human, and easier to use we’re excited to see some seriously cool product launches in the near future. But don’t take our word for it…here’s what Aditya had to say:


At Troops, we fundamentally believe that the future of “getting things done” is going to look a lot less like static fields and forms, and more like a conversation with a human being… an intelligent one for that matter! It seemed crazy to us that in a world with self-driving cars, we are still using software for work that looks like it was from the 90’s. We figured, if we can make this software delightful, people might actually use it and dare I say, enjoy it. And how amazing would it be if tens of millions of people around the world doing work, could actually do so with a little more enjoyment? That seemed like a mission and vision worth pursuing.

For modern sales teams who use Salesforce, Slack, and Google Apps, Troops is a Slackbot that makes it easy to use CRM data and configure workflow to do your job. Unlike trudging through CRM directly, Troops lets you instantly push and pull customer and sales information in and out of Slack, making it the sales hub for both you and your team. It’s “Conversational CRM” and it creates more efficiency and workflow for organizations so that they can spend their time focused on the most important functions like closing deals and making their customers happy.


Outside of Troops, Aditya is the co-founder and president of Intellection Institution, a NJ based STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math) non-profit that provides students in need with the resources to succeed.