We are thrilled to announce our latest investment in EntryPoint.

EntryPoint was founded by Carissa Flocken and Ben Doyle. About a year ago, the two founders from Michigan quit their jobs at the prominent hedge fund Bridgewater Associates and flew to Los Angeles to make interactive and immersive VR films. The pair soon learned the inherent production difficulties in this medium, and that there’s no one-size-fits-all method. Rather, a developer must manually “stitch” interactive elements into the VR footage. It was then that Carissa and Ben set out to solve this problem and build EntryPoint.

EntryPoint’s mission is to help content creators streamline the currently arduous process of making interactive content with a self-service, “drag and drop” platform. Once an EntryPoint-powered video is completed, the platform simply outputs a unique URL, thus eliminating the need for viewers to download mobile applications. As a result, users can interact with 360-video within the comfort of a web browser.

Additionally, EntryPoint enables more people to experience interactive VR content by eliminating friction points such as needing specialized headgear (HMDs). The platform also makes it easier and less expensive to create quality VR content, which naturally means more VR content will be created. Like most Indicator Ventures portfolio companies, EntryPoint is helping to solve a large problem, and in doing so, is helping VR content creators save time and money, while also making the content more readily available for consumers.

Indicator participated in EntryPoint’s $2 million Seed Round of funding led by Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from Samsung NEXT, Courtside Ventures, KBS Ventures, Virtual Reality Investment, Female Founders Fund, and Social Starts.

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