VP Spotlight: Birago Jones

Birago is a UI/UX expert with a breadth of knowledge spanning hardware, IoT, VR and AR. Birago earned his Masters of Science from MIT where he focused on artificial intelligence, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and User Experience. He’s leveraged this unique skill-set working with companies like Google, Motorola, and Cisco, to name a few. Birago is the founder and president of the MIT Media Lab Alumni Association, a mentor at Google’s 30 Weeks accelerator, and speaks regularly at conferences around the world. The culmination of this work and an exciting development for Indicator Ventures is Birago’s latest project, Pienso.

Pienso is a self-serve, enterprise-ready interface for non-technical analysts, domain experts, and knowledge workers to create and manage unbiased insights from complex data sources. The platform provides a user interface to the entire machine learning process, thereby empowering data exploration, editing, modeling and analyzing. While current solutions require data scientists with heavy technical expertise, Pienso gives the knowledge (non-technical) worker the ability to lead the machine learning process. Their first product is a Knowledge Explorer, which allows the non-technical user to add a powerful search engine to large data sets – think Google Search, but with the ability to be easily trained by human knowledge experts, with key features such as parallel document search, multiple and simultaneous natural language search queries and identifying key experts with the data.

To learn more about Birago and his work check out his blog.