Indicator Ventures General Partner, Jonathan Struhl, was featured in an interview with AlleyWatch for a new series entitled Inside the Mind of an NYC VC. In the interview, Jon speaks to Bart Clareman of AlleyWatch about various topics including his journey into the venture business, Indicator’s investment thesis, the benefits and downfalls of angel investing, the current VR environment, and much more.

We’re particularly keen on Jonathan’s articulation of Indicator’s practical approach to early-stage investing: “As we look at emerging technologies, which I spend most of my time in, it’s tough to find startups that have a real sustainable business model in the space. One of the other things we look for is an immediate path to revenue. We’re not looking for companies that need 3 years to start charging customers or companies that need to scale to 1M users or 10M users or 100M users before they can start to monetize. We’re looking for businesses that can scale right away.”

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