VIDA was accepted to participate in Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Batch and recently presented at YC’s Demo day. Since Indicator invested in VIDA’s Seed Round last year, the company has grown its community of artists to over 100,000, and has recently collaborated with big names including Cher, Steve Madden, Warner Bros. and others.

Companies are typically very early in product development and traction when entering accelerators like Y Combinator. VIDA entered the program with significant traction and growth, and as a standout company, greatly benefited from YC’s community. It was an invaluable experience for the team.

VIDA’s small San Francisco based team will raise additional funds to expand beyond fabrics and further scale the business. The company previously raised over $5 million from Google Ventures, Indicator Ventures, and Universal Music Group, among others.

About VIDA

VIDA ( is an e-commerce platform that leverages direct-to-fabric technology to produce unique apparel from designers around the world. Through VIDA, any submitted design can go from sketch to completion in a week with the company’s global manufacturing partners.