We invest in founders
building technology that
makes life
easier and more accessible.

We believe in the consumerization and accessibility of care.

The future of the enterprise is automated and data-driven.

Financial products and systems are being reimagined for the future.

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When is the right time to talk to Indicator?

It’s never too early to reach out. We’ve invested as early as a founder and an idea. As pre-seed and seed stage investors, we are interested in learning about you and your idea whether you’ve already developed a product, hired a team, or raised capital. If you have already raised or are raising your Series A, however, we won’t be the right investors for you.

How should I get in touch with Indicator?

Send one of us an email! While warm introductions help in every aspect of business, we know fundraising is hard enough without the added barrier of reaching VCs. Do us a favor and make your email concise, easy to understand what your company does and what your ask is, and bonus if you can attach your deck. Our email is our first name at indicatorventures.com (not spelled out here, because, bots).

What industries does Indicator invest in?

We invest in technology that makes life (digital health), work (enterprise tech), and wealth building (fintech) easier. 60% of our portfolio is B2B, 20% is B2C and 20% is hybrid.

How much do you usually invest in a new company?

We make investments up to $2M in a new company.

Do you invest in companies in particular cities?

We are proud to invest in companies all over North America. While many of our companies are based in NYC, Boston, and California, we have also invested in remote teams and companies in cities such as Portland, OR (Brave Care), Detroit, MI (Airspace Link), Atlanta, GA (CapWay), and Seattle, WA (Unikrn). We know incredible founders and talented teams come from everywhere!

Do you invest outside North America?

There are many great opportunities worldwide, however we don’t currently have the right experience or networks to be the best early stage investors for companies outside North America. Check out this list of Europe and Israel-based VCs.

What do you look for in founders?

We love partnering with world-class, mission-driven, problem-obsessed leaders. The best founders have the unique ability to frame a strategy, communicate it, and then execute while surrounding themselves with talented people.

What is your investment process and how long does it take?

We promise to be communicative and forthcoming during our decision-making process. We aim to strike a balance between being thorough and efficient. For companies and industries where we have plenty of existing knowledge, our process could take a week while for companies where there’s a steep learning curve, it could take a little bit longer.

Our investment process is typically as follows:
  1. Initial conversation with a General Partner
  2. Exchange of materials and information such as demos and sales and marketing material
  3. Follow up conversations with the rest of the Partnership, focused on different topics
  4. Due diligence process to understand the market, operations, and people in your company
  5. Term sheet
  6. Closing

Will you lead a round? Do you typically invest with others?

Yes, as high-conviction investors we will lead or co-lead rounds and love investing with others. We have a track record of partnering with other top notch and complementary seed stage investors and can help bring them into the round.

How does Indicator help companies post-investment?

Nothing goes as planned when building a company and we've seen it all -- our goal is to be your first call or text when you are celebrating or struggling or just need to run an idea by us. While you are 100% focused on building the best transformational company in the market, our job is to keep our fingers on the pulse, collecting and analyzing data points across the thousands of company builders we’ve worked with to better advise and help you.

Just as we are seeking to invest in extraordinary founders, you are looking to build the best possible team to execute on your vision and mission. To help advise on all things People, our Head of Talent Marissa works with founders to attract, hire, retain and empower talent, advise on company culture, organizational structure, compensation, and anything else people and human resources related.

When you take an investment from Indicator, you are getting our full attention. That’s the advantage of our lean, high-conviction model of investing. Unlike our peers, we limit the number of investments we make so we can dedicate the time and resources to each of our portfolio companies. Every company's needs are different and we can be as proactive or reactive as you need. We won’t get in your shorts, but we know where we add value. Given our focused investing mandate, our collective experience, network and knowledge is perfectly tailored towards an early stage company’s interests.

Just ask the founders of our companies :)

Do you typically take a board seat?

When we are lead investors, founders often ask us to take a board seat. We are also fine with serving as board observers or informal advisors. No matter what, you will find that we are helpful and involved partners and confidants who have your back.

What is Indicator’s diversity and inclusion policy?

We recognize the inherent bias that lives in our society and how this has resulted in and perpetuated the lack of funding opportunities for underrepresented founders. We’re committed to discovering and reaching out to these founders, and having a portfolio with founders and teams that are representative of our amazingly diverse society. We are also committed to running an inclusive recruiting process within our own firm and aim to have a diverse team, which means better outcomes for us, our LPs, and our portfolio companies.

Does Indicator have an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy?

Who are Indicator’s limited partners?

Our limited partners are predominantly family offices and successful General Partners of funds across all asset classes, as well as CEOs and founders. Additionally, we proudly count many of our venture partners and early founders who have successfully sold their businesses as limited partners. We have a relatively small number of limited partners, each of whom we have enormous respect for, and are honored they have entrusted us with their capital.